Is your office looking to enhance your IT infrastructure? Partnering with ACT allows you to enhance your IT department, equip your office with the necessary computers and other tools, as well as take advantage of the latest VoIP phone solutions to get the most out of your office technology.

Please explore each of our services in more detail below:

IT Services

Let us take the role of your IT officer. We’ll ensure you have access to the information you need to make well-informed IT decisions. If you tap into these services, as CIO, we guarantee that you will have the proper internal controls in place to safeguard your assets. Fraud is common in small businesses and you need to take steps to protect yourself from it. Benefit from business planning and control, risk management, and replacement planning.

Computer Services

Need a new network or a reliable backup system? Maybe you need to insure that your valuable data is protected with access controls? Do you have an IT plan? Call us today for a blueprint and see how we can help make technology work for you.

VOIP lines

Tired of an outrageous phone bills? ACT can provide phone service delivered over the Internet that is as reliable as your ISP. We have been able to save clients up to 70% of the cost of their traditional phone service, while enhancing features and flexibility.

Want to learn more about our extensive service offerings? Contact us today to learn more!