It may seem surprising, but there are many different printing solutions that a business can implement. Not all printing solutions are perfect for every business, so it is vital that you understand your business’s printing needs and then create a plan to best maximize productivity while still maintaining low printing costs. For instance, it is often more expensive to implement a fleet of desktop printers, however, depending on the needs of your employees, this may be the best solution to maintain productivity. Oftentimes businesses look to implement a hybrid system of centralized high capacity printing devices along with supplemental desktop models for those who need access to printing at many points throughout the day.

We have compiled a few of the most common printer related questions to help determine your business’s needs below:

  • What types of printers are you currently utilizing in your office?
  • Are you looking to add color or monochrome printers?
  • What is your current budget for new printing devices?
  • What types of security tools will you need?
  • What types of documents will you primarily be creating with this device?
  • What types of volume do you need your new printers to output?

These are just a few printing related questions you should be asking before you upgrade the printers in your office. Have questions on which printing solution is right for you? Contact us today and our team can help you determine the best printers for your business’s specific needs.