One of the primary keys to success in business today is making calculated decisions to partner with other businesses that mirror the core qualities of your own business. Your success is ultimately impacted by the partnerships that ACT makes with its choices of suppliers and solution providers. We do not take this gravity of this task lightly.

We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating the relationships we maintain with our partners to be able to provide current and emerging technologies in the most stable and economical methods available. We demand suppliers have top quality products, competitive pricing, and excellent support, while still staying current with the latest technological developments that are emerging constantly.

Many of our associations have weathered the test of time in a constantly changing technology landscape, it is because they continually provide products and services which meet the technological needs of clients and the reliability and support demands that we and our clients require to run our businesses smoothly.

Other associations are younger because a supplier proves to be one who is forward thinking and brings to the table exceptional value and/or new technologies.

Included here are many of our solution providers which meet our stringent requirements to be able to provide you with the solutions you need to succeed.

Microsoft is the leading provider of business computer software operating systems and solutions. With the industry leading server, desktop, and office solutions, their products allow businesses of any size to perform at levels never before imagined. Now with cloud offerings, you can run your business from anywhere there is a high speed internet connection. Ask us how to help you reach the sky.

eFileCabinet provides an effective solution for the management of digital documents and information. Fully scaleable for the small workgroup to the entire organization, this solution provides ease of use, flexibility, security and compliance with government requirements in the legal and medical industries. Easy enough for the novice, advanced enough for the professional.

Toshiba Telecom

Toshiba has been a technological pioneer for decades, providing solutions for the telecommunication industry, among others. They offer cutting edge solutions that have been developed with stability and reliability in mind while still providing hybrid systems that do not forget that it is not every business' best interest to move to the cutting edge in one fail swoop. From traditional analog, to VOIP, to Cloud based systems, they bring an exceptional value that can be scaled to any size organization.

Toshiba America

A global leader in functionally rich, easy-to-use printing products designed to take advantage of current technologies. Toshiba offers award winning products, support and new technology development in the MFP, printing and scanning industry.

Ipitomy is a leading provider of IP based telephone products for businesses small to large. Taking advantage of the quickly changing telephone service markets, Ipitomy levels the playing field for businesses by giving full functionality to local and remote users through thier powerful PBX devices and associated periphial equipment.

HP offers one of the most robust lines of data output devices in the industry. With models for the convenience location to the large format graphics user, HO covers it all. Let us help you 'right-size' your HP fleet and maintaing them to peak efficiency.

Specializing in Wide format output for the CAD and POP sign industries, Kip has the market cornered for speedy economical printing of large format (up to 36 inch wide) documents, signs and displays. They also offer the industry leading wide format scan devices to archive paper drawings adn large images. Call to let us widen your print capabilities with KIP wide format.

Lexmark is a leading provider of print devices and solutions. Our partnership with them has given us the ability to competitively provide a broader range of solutions. With the expanded offerings we are able to even more finely tune the solutions to our clients individual needs.

Want to learn more about our technology partners and which solutions are best for your business? Please contact us today to learn more!