Meet the Team

Kent Davis, Owner
Kent is a Chattanooga native with deep roots in the local economy. Having developed a passion for small business at a young age (he sold Grit Magazines at the age of 9 door-to-door), he knew entrepreneurship was his calling.

He was educated at Bright elementary and Baylor School for Boys before attending the University of Georgia and earning a degree in Small Business Management. Activities that sharpened his business skills at even a young age included, reselling 'Gatorgum', selling Custom Christmas cards (in July), owning a landscape maintenance company in college, and participation in Beta Theta Pi Fraternity.

Kent has been with the company full time since 1987. Now owner and President, he is involved in the day-to-day administration and the long-term vision for the company. He has a BBA from the University of Georgia, and a host of training experience from industry sources including, but not limited to, Sharp Electronics, KIP America, Toshiba America, HP, Ipitomy, BTA, NOMDA, ITEX and more.

He is a fanatic about entrepreneurship, Chattanooga, family, and horses.

Wade Rowan, Marketing Manager
Wade joined our team in 2002 after being a part of the U.S. Marines, working in the construction industry, and setting records in the managed service industry. His varied and successful past has brought him to us with a tremendous capacity to see clearly how to implement effective solutions for our clients. His ability to communicate effectively, combined with his passion for helping others strive for the best, has enabled ACT to consistently grow our business by helping more businesses solve painful technological bottlenecks.

He loves music, writing impromptu poetry, and teaching others how to apply the life changing principles and strategies he has been blessed enough to learn over the years.

Wade helps businesses implement today's technology to reach their business goals.

Tommy Penney, Service Manager
Tommy joined ACT over 12 years ago after stints in the automotive industry and banking. His ability to understand the mechanical and software components coupled with a terrific ability to communicate our business to clients has made him a perfect fit for the service manager duties.

He has had untold hours of training within the industry and with multiple manufacturers. He has many more hours in the field as a technician or assisting other technicians. His passion for understanding how things function from the inside out makes him a valuable resource, not only for our clients and our staff, but for our manufacturers.

Tommy makes sure that our fleet of implemented solutions are running at top capacity. When issues do arise, our service staff is well prepared to solve any challenges quickly and efficiently, with a minimum of down time for our clients.

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